Coney Island Joe’s – Awesome Hot Dogs

Coney Island Joe'sI love a good all-beef hot dog with all the fixings. It’s another reason I’m only a part-time vegetarian.

I took my bike on the bus to run an errand yesterday, so I had a chance to do some exploration. I found a little hot dog stand on the side of the road. This isn’t just any hot dog stand. It’s a real New York hot dog stand. I am not kidding.

There are many ex-New Yorkers here in South Florida. It seems like New Yorkers know more people here from New York than they knew when they lived in New York.

The Rangers Suck!

I hate going to Panthers-Rangers games. Half the crowd is cheering for the wrong team! I’ve seen the Panthers play against the Devils, Islanders, and Sabres, but the Rangers seem to draw the most and the worst from the Empire State. I have nothing against New York or its inhabitants, but I paid money to see a PANTHERS game!

Real New York Food?

Ever watch two New Yorkers meet for the first time? They start talking about that deli on 72nd and Broadway. Then they reminisce about the pizza and the Chinese takeout. “The pizza sucks down here. I don’t eat pizza anymore. That place Mauro’s on the corner? They suck!” If you miss the food so damn much, then go back!

You can go back to New York just by heading over to 6401 Sheridan Street in Hollywood Florida. That’s where New York transplant Elliot has set up his hot dog stand and tent. He serves up real all-beef New York hot dogs, pastrami, brisket, and knishes! Is it authentic New York food? Yes it is. Elliot has all the stuff shipped from New York. The all-beef hot dogs with the natural casings are hand-made. You get that satisfying crunch when you bite into them.

I stayed and chatted with Elliot for a while. He saw the Nikon D80 around my neck, so we chatted it up for a while. He’s a photography buff too.

During the time we chatted, 3 ex-New Yorkers came by to order some dogs. One woman was vocally skeptical until she took the first bite. “Give me another one!” she exclaimed. “This is it! This is the real deal!”

It’s the Water

Elliot went on to explain that it isn’t the water. The word on the street is that New York’s water supply is the magic ingredient that’s missing here in South Florida. Most restaurants use reverse osmosis filtration systems to cook with and to provide water for the soda machines. It’s part of the insane overhead a restaurant has. Go ahead and order the “tap” water when you go out to eat. It’s essentially the same as that bottle of Dasani you pay $2.25 for!

Elliot insists that it’s the quality of the ingredients and the level of service that distinguishes New York food from the South Florida wannabes. He further explained that the food in New York is so good because, if it wasn’t, the people would riot. New Yorkers demand the best.

New York Pizza in Florida?

Before I left, Elliot endorsed another South Florida restaurant. “I went to Angelo’s Corner down in Hollywood. I took one bite and I was like, ‘where am I?!?!’ I live by Sawgrass Mills. At $4.25 a gallon, I drove all the way to Hollywood Beach just to have a slice. The gas costs more than the pizza!”

I’m not an expert on New York pizza, but I do know Angelo’s makes a good pie. Renee and I order the large pie with fresh basil, fresh garlic, and black olives. We save on gas because there’s another Angelo’s within walking distance.

The next time you have friends visiting from New York, take them down to Coney Island Joe’s.

Coney Island Joe’s is open daily from 11am – 7pm and accessible by BCT Routes 12 and 18.

My name is Elliott Kim and I approve this message. I was not compensated for this review.

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3 Responses to “Coney Island Joe’s – Awesome Hot Dogs”

  1. well, now i REALLY wanna visit new york!!! :-) great review! i love new yorkers!

    it’s such a shame that i have yet to make it to the city! – however, i did have a real CHICAGO HOT DOG in chicago! it was yummy… but kinda weird. i think i’d probably prefer a new york hot dog! of course the service in chicago was also impeccable…

    the service here in knoxville, tennessee is pretty darn good too!

    i think i’ll be sadly disappointed by the service (or lack thereof) when i return to south florida tomorrow. but i miss you, elliott, (and can’t forget the kitties and the beach) too much to stay away any longer. see u tomorrow!! ;-*

  2. Wonderful article but sadly Coney Island Joe’s has been closed for a while now. I remember going there to eat as a young girl and teenager with my family, but sometime during the ’80′s (not exactly sure what happened as the closing came ‘before’ this recession) it shut down for good. I miss it because it was in a very ‘unique’ spot, with just the right amount of ‘traffic’ to draw customers. I’m hoping and praying that someone will re-open and expand the restaurant, because it is in a spot that ‘can’ draw an excellent customer base, and the nearest restaurant is many many blocks away. Mr. Kim, perhaps if you ‘put out the word’, someone will think about giving Coney Island Joe’s another chance and reopen it for another go round? Thanks once again for such good memories.

  3. Mr. Kim, I just found out from a very well-known source who opened up his own restaurant with the ‘original’ owners of Coney Island Joe’s in Brooklyn, that the main reason it was closed down was because ‘the last owners’ completely changed the menus and started selling low quality meat products to their ‘loyal’ customers. Those customers in turn decided they weren’t going to be duped, and wanted no part of the bait and switch meat game and decided to move on, so Coney Island Joe’s had to shut their doors. I’m still hoping that at least one of the original owners family members or friends steps forward, with the ‘original’ formula and decides to re-open and perhaps expand the restaurant.

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